Pursu.it Rewards

So you've launched your Pursu.it and you're ready to see the donations come in. Well, what if we said we wanted to sweeten the deal? Pursu.it is now offering rewards for milestones reached during your campaign. You'll earn cold, hard cash for raising money, having lots of contributors, and for creating engaging content to share with your fans. Neat, right? Take a look at the breakdowns below!

Campaign Updates Reward * Number of Supporters ** Reward Total Money Raised Reward
Bronze 1 written update $5 20 unique supporters $20 $1,000 raised $10
Silver 2 photo updates $10 50 unique supporters $50 $5,000 raised $50
Gold 2 video updates $20 100 unique supporters $100 $10,000 raised $100
Campaign Updates Reward *
Bronze 1 written update $5
Silver 2 photo updates $10
Gold 2 video updates $20
Number of Supporters ** Reward
Bronze 20 unique supporters $20
Silver 50 unique supporters $50
Gold 100 unique supporters $100
Total Money Raised Reward
Bronze $1,000 raised $10
Silver $5,000 raised $50
Gold $10,000 raised $100

Oh, and these rewards won't be subject to the fees we outlined in our Terms of Use. These will be tacked onto the total payout after fees when your campaign is finished!

Keep in mind, Pursu.it reserves the right to evaluate what content warrants a Reward. As an example, writing an update with the same word repeated one thousand times won't count. Creating updates that your fans want to see will earn you the real Rewards.

Have a question we didn't cover here? Check out the FAQ or contact us for more information.

* Campaign update rewards are cumulative.
** Donation must be $5 or greater to count towards supporter total.

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